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Qualified Personal Representative

Did you know that Florida law requires the Personal Representative (or Executor) named in your Will to be a Florida resident? If the person is not a Florida resident, then the person needs to be related to you by blood. In-laws will only qualify so long as your blood relation is alive when you die, and the in-law is still married to that blood relation, so choosing an in-law may fail the qualification requirement if that in-law lives outside Florida. Choosing a Personal Representative to handle your affairs when you die is often hard enough, but many people also overlook this qualification requirement as well. A few of my clients have run into this problem when naming a Personal Representative because they did not trust any individuals in Florida and did not have any family members they could name. If you think this may be your situation as well, you may want to consider naming a bank or other trusted professional. Being a Personal Representative is an important and time-consuming job and who you name deserves some serious consideration.